Hello, I'm Mauricio Suárez

.Net Developer. | Hardware Designer. | C# Programmer. | Firmware Developer.

(044) 55-2739-9622
Bosques del Valle, Coacalco Edo. de México

Mauricio Suárez

Tech Developer


C, C++, C#
MSSQL & Entity Framework
ASP.NET MVC & Webforms
MS WCF Web Services
Hardware & Firmware Development

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Profesional Profile

My job has always been to find different ways to create new technologies, new ways of doing things and then optimize these ways.

I always have a new device in mind, a new application, a novel piece of hardware, a new system to replace and old one. I find it very satisfying to apply my wits to help people or a company solve their everyday problems using a technology that I designed myself.

I am used to build a system from scratch, starting with hardware design and manufacture, then the firmware development, then the software architecture and its database up to a web service or a mobile application.





What i can do

My Services.

Web Apps

Full responsive local and remote cloud applications developed in ASP.NET MVC + Bootstrap or ASP.NET Webforms + Ajax for MSSQL databases through entity framework.

WCF services, WinServices and WebSockets

WCF Webservices under XML or JSON formats using HTTP, TCP/IP or UDP protocols for local or remote purposes (Mounted on IIS or selfhosted). WinServices and installation packages.

Desktop Applications

Full responsive desktop applications coded in C# or VB + Telerik (Optional) linked to a local or remote database/service with .exe extensions or setup packages.

Database Design and Development

Relational database design, service database and local database for MSSQL databases through Entity Framework.

Hardware Design and Manufacture

PCB two layers design for TH and SMD components and manufacture including component placement, soldering and testing.

Firmware Development

Firmware development for 8, 16 and 32 bits microcontrollers and microprocessors including ARM CORTEX arquitectures.

Open for proposals.

I'm always working on something but I'm also open to proposals all the time so contact me and lets get to something.

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My education and experience.


Electronic and Communication Engineering

Specialized in Digital Systems and Digital Signal Processing.

Universidad del Valle de México, Campus Lomas Verdes

2007 - 2013


Hi-Tech business planning (68hrs).

Universidad del Valle de México, Campus Toluca


C# Programmer

MSOC 2779B MSSQL Database Implementation, MSOC 2780B Mantaining MSSQL Database, MSOC 2310D Developing Web Apps in ASP.NET, MSOC 2524C Developing XML Webservices in ASP.NET, MSOC Developing DLL Components.

Microsoft, Intersoftware, Ciudad de México.

2010 -2011


Hardware and Software Developer

Hardware design cooperatively with a PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.

Firmware programming for high-end 8bit AVR microcontrollers in C language.

Web socket server developing and XML webservice deployment in VB.Net (MSSQL database).

Windows Mobile Application developing in VB.Net.

Tarjetas del Noreste

2010 - 2011

Hardware/Software Developer and Founder

Two layers PCB Design and manufacture for SMD components.

8bits and 16bits microcontroller developing for GPRS/GSM telemetry devices in C and ASM language.

Web app development in ASP.Net webforms + Ajax and MSSQL database + Entity Framework.

Web socket server deployment in C# with MSSQL database + Entity Framework.

AMC Domotica

2011 - 2012

Software Developer

Backend software infrastructure for Berlitz language centers cooperatively with IT team in Princeton, US.

MS WCF web service development in C# under XML and JSON formats.

Windwos Service client development in C# + application setup.

Database design and development for MSSQL and Sybase databases.

Web app development in ASP.Net webforms + Ajax + Telerik and MSSQL Server.

Web app development in MVC4 + Bootstrap + Telerik for an MSSQL database + Entity Framework.

Berlitz International

2012 - 2014

Technology Consultant

Hardware design and manufacture.

Sepcialized sensor network consulting and deployment.

Web dashboard development in MVC5 + Bootstrap and MSSQL database + Entity Framework

Do Consulting Group


Hardware/Software Developer and Founder

Hardware design and manufacture.

Firmware develping for 8, 16, 32 bits microcontrollers including ARM CORTEX Arquitecture in ASM, C, C++, C# and Python.

Embedded devices designing with .Net microframework, ARCH Linux and Processing.

Sensor networks for RFID devices, biometric readers, power measuring and environmental sensors.

Electrical actuator networks (SSR, Mechanical Relays, Contactors and Motorized Actuators)

Control and Telemetry in general for WiFi networks, GPRS/GSM, Ethernet, Zigbee, Satellite links and logging.

Web App developing in C# + Entity Framework, MVC + Bootstrap, ASP.NET WebForms + Ajax, MSSQL Server and Telerik Technologies.

Mobile App developing in C# and Xamarin + Mono Framework. Native windows phone app development.

WinForms and WCF App developing in C#, MSSQL Server + Entity Framework and Telerik Technologies.


2015 - ?

Hardware/Software Developer

Hardware design and manufacture.

Sensor/Actuator network deployment.

Self-Hosted WCF service in C# and MSSQL database + Entity Framework.

WinForms client in C# + Telerik and MSSQL database + Entity Framework with installation setup.

Arpon Enterprise

2015 - 2016

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Drop me a line or send me a question. It'll be great to read from you.